Path of the Overconfident Warrior

You think you've seen it all. You've tried every method, and now you're dubious that I'm any different. Well, as they say, You Gotta 'Nother Thing Comin'. Hee hee. Okay, first let's start with something you HAVE seen before....

1) To establish the norm, your first step is oh so very easy. You need to enjoy my free session, The Enchanted Forest, which you can find here.

2) If you think a parody can't hypnotize you, hold your tongue and try my Forest of Pasquinade first. Lighthearted now...but now I ratchet up the power some more....

3) My Whirl of Bewildering isn't like anything you've heard before. Veterans of hypnosis have told me this one leaves their bodies entirely numb.

4) It's time for you to email me at and you know what is next. Yes, I interact with you and decide what's next for you. If you're so confident though, then you should simply head for the next step....

5) See if you can make heads or tails of my Vocea de Stupefiante, or "Voice of Stupefying" in Romanian. Baking cookies never hypnotized you before?

6) Most certainly you know by now that I am not like other hypnotists, but I think I need to reinforce that idea in your mind, with my Whirl of Awe.

7) I have exercised my will, your mind, and now I will exercise your body with my Hypnodomme Personal Trainer. Not only do I control your mind, but also your body, and that's good for you. And ME.

WONDERFUL!!! So have I proven something to you? I certainly hope by the time you've finished these steps, you fully understand that I know what I'm doing, and I do it VERY well.