Path to Oblivion

You've had a long day with many responsibilities. You're so weary of being in control of everything, to always be the one who must have the answers, to be the one to give directions to others. You just want your willpower and control to be stripped away, and to relax. If this is you, then I have a path ahead for you to follow me on. Come, follow me....

1) Your first step is one in which you don't have to focus so much on what I'm telling you. In Whispers in the Shadows, you simply allow the sound of my voice into your ears, and your subconscious mind will do all the rest.

2) Good, now you are ready for something a little stronger. My Ego-Erasing Brainwasher sounds scary, but just think of brainwashing as something cleansing, removing anything that is unnecessary and just getting in the way of your bliss.

3) Once you have fully enjoyed the first two sessions of this journey, it's best to contact me so I can decide if this is still the correct path for you. You should now email me at or continue to the next step if you're ready and enjoying this bliss.

4) Whirl of Overwhelming is what awaits you now, and once again, it is so very easy to not listen to my words, but let them drift down into the deeper recesses of your mind.

5) Down the path we go, and now for something much more direct: Post-Hypnotic Brainwasher.

6) A mantra now is what you need, and unlike an actual session, this method is very subtle, but very effective. You should now try the Mind Cleaner Mantra.

7) Your mind should now be conditioned very strongly by my voice, and a straightforward approach is now a good test of this. The next and final step is the Mind Manipulator.

EXCELLENT!!! If you made it this far down the path, you are very ready for any journey I put your mind upon, and you are very willing to interact with me regularly, because you NEED my guidance.