Path to Mystery

You become self-hypnotized by a good book. When somebody tells you a long story, you become immersed, and forget everything else around you. If this is you, the Path to Mystery is YOUR path. I love telling a hypnotic story, so follow me....

1) And now, my listener, your first step is oh so very easy. You need to enjoy my free session, The Enchanted Forest, which you can find here.

2) Immediately after listening to this session, you are now to resume your journey with The Enchantress. The video for this session is extremely important.

3) The story gets a little more dangerous as you meet The Vampiress.

4) Now it is time for you to contact me, for I need to know if this is still the right path for you. You should now email me at However, if you feel oh so good on this path now, continue to the next step.

5) I like the follow The Vampiress immediately with its sequel, New Orleans, where your interaction with the vampiress becomes even more intense.

6) I have much more powerful sessions awaiting you, first you need to ride a train...a hypnotic train ride. Yes, now I want you to enjoy my Trance-Hypnotic Railway.

7) The Siren is your final step (but not the last of my sessions that you will enjoy), and I will sing you into hypnotic slumber.

BRAVO!!! Although I have many more sessions that focus on this journey, you are now ready to either continue this path with my direction, or to branch out into my other methods for creating hypnotic bliss.