Path to the Goddess

The Goddess is a powerful feminine force, and you are ready to feel her influence, persuaded to follow her instructions, to submit to her, even. This is not a path for the weak of heart, or those who feel a need to be in control of the journey. These steps lead you to a very real destiny: The Goddess will control you.

1) The path is easy and oh so inviting. Nothing frightening about submitting to supreme tranquility with my Whirl of Submission.

2) Before I test you, your next step is very clear. Now it is time for me to tell you a story, Mind Mistress Super Heroine

3) You need to email me at this stage. My email address is and I will instruct you on whether this path is still right for you. If, however, you have experienced sublime bliss already, you may continue with the next step....

4) Reprogrammed by Angela is next. In case you didn't know, my name IS Angela.

5) Whether you're ready or not, you should immediately follow Reprogrammed with the powerful Mind Manipulator. By now, you do know who your Goddess is, and you know that it is Angela, and that is ME.

6) This is a two part step, and a test. First, you require a 30 minute mantra to enjoy at night while you sleep. The Resistance Stripper Mantra is first, and then you will show submission to me by sending a TRIBUTE.

7) The power of the Goddess has by now overwhelmed you, a perfect time to submit to the bliss of my Whirl of Overwhelming.

BOW!!! You have pleased your Goddess, and are now ready to serve ME. I now will decide what path you shall take from here.