Path of Femininity

You seek balance. The demands on your masculine qualities have wearied you, and you seek solace in your feminine side. But how? How to absorb your mind, body & soul in something that society has tried to train you is impossible? I can't change your gender by hypnosis alone, but I can train your being to that of a much more feminine person, and this is something that for many is the most tranquil of ideas. It's not impossible.

1) 1) Your first step to femininity is oh so very easy. You need to enjoy my free session, The Enchanted Forest, which you can find here.

2) Immediately after listening to this session, you are now to resume your journey with The Enchantress. The video for this session is extremely important.

3) The next step is where the transition begins. My subtle session, Gentle Rain, speaks to your subconscious mind. Plenty of time to speak to your conscious mind....

4) Onward you go, into my Hypnotic Ocean, deeper and deeper down to where I want you to be.

5) It now time for you to contact me. My email address is and I want to discuss with you about how you're coming along. But in case you're oh so ready to move forward, and can't wait for me to answer, you should move to the next step....

6) My most erotic session, I'm told, is my Thunderstorm. Maybe you too will agree. You should let me know.

7) And now for the transformation, with my Vocea de Transformare, in which if I want you to "become" a woman, you WILL.

8) The last stage, to reinforce the transformation, is a 30 minute mantra, called Transformer Mantra. You will listen to this over and over while you sleep. Forever...

BEAUTIFUL!!! You have finished the transformation and are now ready to continue your journey with me as your feminine guide.