Path to the Enchantress

History, mythology and folk lore are full of stories about women such as myself who have mystical powers. I find them fascinating, and I'm certain you do too if you've decided to read this. In this journey, I become those female archetypes with which you're familiar, and some with which you're not.

1) Your first step is oh so very easy. You need to enjoy my free session, The Enchanted Forest, which you can find here.

2) Immediately after listening to this session, you are now to resume your journey with The Enchantress. The video for this session is extremely important.

3) Your next step is to contact me via email to tell me what you have done, and how you felt after these sessions. My email address is

4) Depending on your reaction, I may give you different instructions, or I may tell you to continue to the next step in your journey, which is Gentle Rain, a subtle journey with less-than-obvious female power metaphors.

5) The journey becomes more exhilarating with The Vampiress. If the idea of meeting a vampiress disturbs you, please contact me at this stage.

6) I like the follow The Vampiress immediately with its sequel, New Orleans, where your interaction with the vampiress becomes even more intense.

7) The Siren is your final step, and I will sing you into hypnotic slumber.

BRAVO!!! Although I have many more sessions that focus on this journey, you are now ready to either continue this path with my direction, or to branch out into my other methods for creating hypnotic bliss.