Lost & Confused

I have discovered that the best way to subject the analytical mind to hypnotic trance is by confusing it. The analytical mind tries to make sense of everything it receives. It is my job to overwhelm your logic, and by doing so, your conscious and subconscious mind will simply give up. 1) Your first step onto this path is my Voice of Confusion session. 2) If Voice of Confusion had no effect on you, it's best to email me immediately at lavendervoice@gmail.com and I will interview you briefly to decide on a course of action. If, however, you felt some amount of confusion and relaxation, then it is time for the next session, Voice of Stupefying 3) The confusion gets stronger in your next step, and one of the favorites of my fans and subjects: Voice of the Labyrinth. 4) It now time for a break from the Confusion Series, and to test how effective the conditioning has been. My voice should now be very familiar to you by now, and you should also be ready for a fun pivot-grammar experiment with Whirl of Awe. 5) Back to the Confusion Series you go, now on to Voice of Sleep 6) Please note that the session, Voice of Transformation, should not be tried until you speak with me first. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You should by now be conditioned well enough by my voice to enjoy whatever path I lay before you, and you will no longer feel the need to analyze what I am saying to you.