Getting Started

I've always felt that if you see one of my sessions that grabs your attention immediately, then THAT is the session you should go with, either to start, or the next session you enjoy. However, I know it's difficult sometimes to choose from such a wide array of hypnosis sessions, and not knowing if one is right for you. So now I will attempt to give you a road map for the path you should follow into my domain.

* If you are new to hypnosis, you should try my Blissful Wanderer path.

* If you think you have a very analytical mind, and have trouble going under hypnosis by traditional methods, you should try my Lost & Confused path.

* If you feel a strong connection to females with mystical powers, you should try my Path to the Enchantress.

* If you feel you need the cares and worries of your mind to be sucked away, leaving only a blissful feeling of emptiness, I think you should try my Path to Oblivion.

* If you have a strong imagination and can easily visualize scenes described in books, you should begin with my Path to Mystery.

* If you need the power of a woman to guide you down your path, you should try my Path to the Goddess.

* If you are very experienced with hypnosis, and want something new and different, you should try my Path of the Overconfident Warrior.

* If you are a man who needs to get in touch (or more) with his feminine side, follow my Path of Femininity.