Funny Games

Now let me set something straight: I am not a moron. I can recognize the "games" almost immediately.
1) Don't tell me you are fabulously wealthy right up front--it's a dead giveaway that the games are about to begin. The Fabulously Wealthy guy actually washes dishes and lives with his mother, okay? The "Carrot on a Stick" game never works on me.
2) Don't challenge me to prove my power by giving you a free session (i.e. If you are so powerful, your free session will make me your money slave forever, right?) The "Big Challenge" game never works on me.
3) If you tell me you are about to buy a session and then don't, I will remember you the next time you play that game. I don't appreciate Time Vampires who take me away from my true, devoted subjects one bit, and they don't either.
4) I do not feel guilty for charging you for my sessions. If you tell me that I should give you my time and effort for free, you will make me laugh a lot. And then I'll ignore you. Guilt Trips do not work on women with an evil streak anyway.
5) Telling me that SuperSexyGirly gives free sessions is nice information. I think if you like her free sessions, you should stick with them. I'm glad for her, and I'm glad for you. This, however, will not make me start doling out free sessions too. The Comparison Game does not work on me.
6) Trying to manipulate me to do something I have clearly stated I won't simply doesn't work. (i.e. Well, SuperSexyGirly bounces her boobies on her sessions, so if you do, I will buy a session). Again, if you like a certain method, go find it. I will entertain some requests, but if I say no, I mean no, and no amount of Green Promises is going to change my mind. The Pushing Angela's Bounds Game does not work.
7) ANY form of "topping the domme" game is easily recognized by any woman with at least an average intellect. If you like to make a hypnodomme perform for your whims, find a dumb one, or a new one. Both deserve the experience. Topping the Domme Games don't work on me, and is reason for immediate ignoring.
8) My free samples and free session are for you to enjoy. These are not a vehicle for you to now think I'm going to play games with you. Many times I've had people say "I don't need to buy a session from you because you already control me with your free session". Well duh...if I truly control you, then you're going to buy a session. Come on, people...give me some credit, here. The I Am Your Slave Kinda Game does not work. (This one is also very often similar to the Automatic Slave, game #12).
9) Bill Moyers. One of my favorite interviewers is Mr. Moyers. I like to watch him on PBS. This, however, is not something I enjoy in chat: the exhaustive interviewer. Many times I run into the person who wants to spend their entire evening asking me questions that Google can answer with a few keystrokes. "Does hypnosis really work?" This is a common one. I already know the game. It's all about using. Yes, using up my time. It's power for the gameplayer to be able to use up somebody else's time, especially if they can make that person answer their questions over and over. These people go to bed feeling fulfilled (I have sucked away somebody elses time). I go to bed realizing I could have spent my time with better people.
10) I pulled your pigtails. Boys showed girls that they like them by being naughty. Many MANY times I have devoted subjects who decide we're in middle school again, and it's time to pull Angela's pigtails, make her angry, and somehow feel fulfilled by the attention (yes, negative attention is still attention) she gives. I don't play that game, because I'm not in middle school, nor am I stupid. Make me angry and the fun attention you will receive is the Sounds of Silence (and I might even email a Simon & Garfunkel mp3 to you).
11) Chase me, Chase me. This is another little boy trick. Little boys like it when girls chase them. Slaves do it too. At some point in time, a very devoted slave will suddenly take matters into his own hands and run away. Most hypnodommes will, if the slave provided enough financial benefit, fall into the trap and become the marathon running puppet to the former slave. I say "former slave" because these are no longer my slaves. Run, Forrest, Run...another hypnodomme is waiting for you. Why? Because I don't chase. If you come back, you will pay a heavy penalty to get back into my good graces, rest assured.
12) The Auto-Slave. The first thing this guy says is "I am your slave". Well hell, sounds like he's just doling out slavery left and right. How can I believe this if you've never chatted with me before. Trust me, this statement is a dead giveaway that the games are about to begin. This guy has probably copy/pasted something like this and sent it to 47 women tonight.
13) YOU ARE A MAN, GIVE ME YOUR WEBCAM NOW. This one is a funny fellow. He's found my website, listened to my voice, seen my videos and photos, and has somehow come to the conclusion that I'm a man. This doubt, of course, entitles him to see me on webcam or call me immediately on phone. I have advice for these people...if you think I'm a man, then why are you bugging me? I'm not going to be tricked into giving you free webcam and phone sessions because tonight you need some action.
14) I'm SOOOOO confused. Here we have a man who has decided he's dumb. After the initial greeting (Having a good day? How are you? That's nice...) he unfurls his game. Suddenly he's dumb. "Are you a hypnotist?" "Can you really control my mind?" "Is it possible to resist you?" "Does hypnosis really work?" Or..."I feel confused now" (this is always right after I've cornered them into buying a session or getting lost). I don't enjoy talking with dumb people. I'm sure others find it entertaining, but if you are dumb, or even pretend to be dumb, I can immediately drop you into my "Don't want to do this ever again" bucket. So, send me your money, you dummy...but I ain't gonna chat with you anymore.
15) The green puppet strings. Once in awhile I enjoy the benefits of the wealthy slave. Sometimes, but not often, this generous one suddenly whips out his own puppet strings. He's thinking he's addicted me to his fat wallet and can now begin The Game. This game, of course, is to make poor Angela dance to his waving $100 bills. Well, that's just not fun for me. As a true dominant, I'd rather dance outside my cardboard box under a bridge than perform for a man with green puppet strings. When you start this game, you will find yourself looking for a hypnodomme who is more about money than fun. I'll chat with 17 less financially gifted slaves for many more hours than I will spend my precious time chatting with you, and I will continue to enjoy my life. A man who does this to me is lower than all the gameplayers I've encountered.
If you think you're one of these people who play these games, please please please save your time, my time, and the time of my true subjects. All other games (the resistance game is fun for me, actually) are welcome. Otherwise, I hope this little rant has made you laugh--I certainly enjoyed it. If you were offended...well, everybody needs new hobbies.