Is your name Clarice or Angela?
My real name is Angela. When I started this, I didn't want my real name plastered all over the internet. Now I don't mind, but it's a little late to be changing my email and all that. Besides, the SSSS sound at the end of Clarice is rather… hypnotic.
How long have you been into hypnosis?
Since November 13, 2007, exactly.
Do you do trances for free?
I do free trances via IM all the time, but only for those persons who have bought a personalized video from me. The video plants the triggers for post-hypnotic suggestion so I can put you into trance much easier. Trying to trance via IM on somebody without triggers is very time consuming, time I prefer to spend with my loyal subjects.
Do you do live voice trances?
I am no longer doing live voice trances.
Are you a financial domme?
No. Although my favorite color IS green, and like any red-blooded American girl, I do enjoy money for nothing but my charm, I do not seek to financially dominate. I enjoy rather to use my talents of hypnosis to get what I want; however, if financial domination is your thing, I'm not one to turn down a free ride.
Where do you live?
I live in the Midwest USA.
How did you get involved in hypnotic domination?
Rather by accident. As I explain in the document about how I got into hypnosis, I started with a joke to a friend, making a YouTube video with a very obvious subliminal for her to give me money. That is when I noticed that it actually seemed to work on others. The more I looked into this, the more I realized I have a power in my voice that causes natural submission in many. I had no idea how widespread this was until I really started searching the web. Let's just say I did a lot of "Mmmm hmmmms" and chin rubbing at first. Being a naturally dominant female, it was a natural transition for me.
Is this just a hobby for you?
No. In early February, I started doing this full time. I am passionate about it, love everything about it, and the relationships with my subjects, and I'm my own boss (and I'm very strict on myself).
Can I send money to you via postal mail?
No. If you don't wish to use a credit card for a purchase, you can use a pre-paid credit card. These are available at most retail stores.
Lots of hypnotists hypnotize with their breasts. Can you do this for me?
No. Their method is to create focus and arousal first, which then leads to mind control. My method is to control the mind first, leading to arousal. Besides…my breasts are insignificant compared to the power of my voice. If breast hypnosis is your thing, please ask me and I can direct you to somebody who will bounce them for you.
Other hypnotists have really sexy, photos….lingerie even! You don't?
No, I don't need that. I'm an enchantress, not a cover girl.
Why don't you have a title? Can I call you Mistress, or Lady Clarice, or Goddess this-or-that, or Queen Oh-Yeah-Baby?
No, I don't need that. Just call me Angela. Titles are pretentious, in my opinion. A title will not make my voice any more powerful, or my personality any more dominant.
I'm used to hypnosis MP3s with the usual countdowns and making my body parts relax one by one. Why do you do so many journeys, like into magical forests?
I can and will do these more traditional scripts, but have had the best success with captivating the mind via journeys and imagery while my subliminals do their magic.