Blissful Wanderer

1) As my Blissful Wanderer, your first step is oh so very easy. You need to enjoy my free session, The Enchanted Forest, which you can find here.

2) Immediately after listening to this session, you are now to resume your journey with The Enchantress. The video for this session is extremely important.

3) Your next step is to contact me via email to tell me what you have done, and how you felt after these sessions. My email address is

4) Depending on your reaction, I may give you different instructions, or I may tell you to continue to the next step in your journey, which is SLEEEPY Trance.

5) Now you are becoming accustomed to my voice, and the sensation it creates in your mind and body. You are now ready for my Whirl of Bewildering.

6) Before we resume the journey from here, it is a good idea to enjoy a 30 minute mantra, and for you, I suggest my Induction Mantra.

7) The journey continues, strengthening the effect my voice has on your mind, with my Angela's Lavender Voice.

8) At this point, you are likely interacting with me a lot, asking questions and receiving instructions from me. I may re-direct your journey, or tell you to move to the next step... Gentle Rain.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are no longer a wanderer, and by now you will have a much more defined goal and purpose in your future journeys with me. I now will guide you along your way, using my instincts and communication with you, to plot your course.