About my hypnosis

I don't have a particular session that I "sell" to the general public as "The Starting Place". Some people have a lot of experience with hypnosis and can jump right into some of my more powerful sessions; others need a bit more of a gentle or subtle approach at first. The best thing to do is simply ask me where to begin, and we will talk about YOU. Isn't that much better than just clicking a mouse and entering your credit card number? Yes, it is. However, I do have pathways for you if you're curious, many many paths for different people, and different outcomes. You can find my pathways HERE. Video...why is it important? It's only important if you are a man. Men are more visually oriented than women are. The combination of my audio session with visual patterns proven to hypnotize the mind, and my subliminal text and images, is perfect for the male mind. Also, I have found that I am much more effective with the analytical mind (or "left brained" people). I suppose it's because I'm in touch with a more obtuse approach, which confuses the brain geared towards "picking apart the details". I use "distractor subliminals" in my audio and visual sessions, just for this purpose. Almost all hypnotists use subliminals, but an analytical mind can find these with no problem. This is why I found that hiding the real subliminals behind those designed to be found by the analytical mind work so well. It's like a tiger in front of you, ready to pounce. You prepare for it, but the tiger's partner is creeping up behind you, for the real kill. Interaction with the hypnotist...you've been subjected to my hypnosis, changed, and now you crave to interact with she who made you feel so different. Try this with most hypnotists after you purchase a session and you're likely to get some pretty generic communication if any. Now that I've been at this for almost 2 years, the biggest complaint I hear from buyers of hypnosis sessions is that they feel affected more by the session than the hypnotist. This is because they end up being alone with their session. I like to interact with my subjects. I chat a lot, if I like your personality and you treat me with respect. Am I obligated to chat with you? No way. If I do chat with you, it's because you showed genuine interest in who I am as a person. I should be able to tell you that I cooked lasagna tonight, and I went to Walmart to buy some dog food. Likewise, I might very much enjoy pouncing you immediately with my hypnotic power when you least expect it. So now you are ready to begin? Yes? Good...follow the PATH.