About Me

About Me

How I got started in hypnosis

In summer of 2007, a coworker friend told me I would be good at hypnosis because of my voice. I did not take her seriously, but she said hypnosis was popular on the web, and I searched for it via Google a few times. Didn't really get me interested, but I found a spirally thingy and made a joke video for my friend, and put it on YouTube. I got a few responses after I made it public, but it didn't have my voice because felt a little weird about it all.

My friend badgered me into making another video with my voice, so I did, and posted it on YouTube around November 10 I think. The response was overwhelming, and I kind of freaked out. People wanted to obey me just because of my voice. I told them it was all just a joke but they kept coming. So I did some more research.

On November 13, somebody actually paid me to make him a video, so I offered them for sale. Wow, I had no idea my voice had such power.
Well, that's about it...I am still learning as I go. I'm told I have lots of raw talent, but so much to learn. I hope this was an interesting account, because lots of people asked me where I learned, and don't usually believe I just started, or are surprised.

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